Stainless steel grids, welding grids, wire articles and gabion grids by Deutenberg

Wire technology since 1959 DMSZ ISO 9001 certified If this much experience meets state-of-the-art technology, know-how
and passion for high-quality wire products, Deutenberg must be involved.

Sophisticated Wire Technology for High-Quality Products

High-quality wire products from economically efficient production - our customers value us for it! On state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines and systems, we assume any work arising in the area of wire technology. This includes welding, trimming and forming of wires and wire products, as well as bending and punching of wire products such as stainless steel grids or welding grids. Refinement techniques, such as the production of chrome-plated, galvanised or hot-dip galvanised surfaces, as well as epoxy coatings, are part of our product range.

Wire Baskets, Extension Systems and Gabion Cages

Goods baskets for use in displays for goods presentation or mobile wire baskets for transport, insertion baskets or complete extension systems – the Deutenberg wire basket solutions are quite respectable. Our customers value this, using the Deutenberg wire baskets of blank, zinc-plated or aluminium zinc-plated wire as well as of stainless steel wires in furniture and shop construction.

We offer wire baskets for use in garden and landscape construction, referred to as gabion cages. The robust wire baskets are filled with stones or gravel and can be used as stable but beautifully shaped walls, sound protection walls or to secure against earth slides.

Welding grids and stainless steel grids

Are you looking for a particularly robust and resilient grid solution? The industrial and welding grids by Deutenberg are what you need. We produce stainless steel grids of blank or zinc-plated wire, as well as of high-quality stainless steel, characterised by high quality, special stability and resilience. These properties are particularly valued in engineering and in the industrial area, where welding grids in the proven Deutenberg quality are preferred.

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