Wire grid cable trays for a flexible and well-structured cable guidance

A wire grid cable tray offers many benefits over closed cabled ducts. The open construction grants insight and air supply from all sides, while also permitting entry and exit of lines at any location and in any direction. These factors make the wire grid cable tray the perfect solution for the chemicals and food industry, IT and telecommunication as well as in engineering.

Easy to clean and protected from overheating: Cables in the grid duct

Strong heat in the cable duct can have bad consequences. If the duct grows too hot, sensitive cables can be damaged. In the worst case, there can be dangerous smouldering. Thanks to the airy cable routing, such heat accumulations cannot happen in a wire grid cable tray. The food industry profits particularly from all lines in the grid duct being easily accessible and good to clean. Wire grid cable tray of stainless steel are used particularly in the food industry. Water can run off easily and bacteria formation is reduced.

Deutenberg wire grid cable trays of stainless steel

Our wire grid cable trays of stainless steel are produced from all kinds of stainless steel qualities, such as 1.4301 (V2A) or 1.4571 (V4A). Subsequent treatment of the surface, such as etching and passivizing or electropolishing is, of course, offered as well.

In construction and production, we adjust the shapes and the cross-section of the wire grid cable tray to the specific wishes of our customers. We produce the perfect wire grid cable tray in canted or level (uncanted) shape for you to process further. This makes it possible to quickly implement any cable route with wire grid cable trays from Deutenberg.