Wire Baskets for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Secure wire baskets for transport, goods baskets, insertion baskets or stone baskets for garden design - we at Deutenberg Drahttechnik produce diverse and flexibly useful wire baskets, extension systems and wire basket solutions according to our customers’ individual requests.

Our range comprises wire baskets of blank, zinc-plated or aluminium-zinc-plated wire, as well as of stainless steel wires. The selection ranges from fine-mesh baskets with a particularly thin wire diameter of only 1.6 mm to highly robust coarse-meshed wire baskets with thick wire with a diameter of as much as 10.00 mm.

Extension Systems and Insertion Baskets of Wire

Wire goods baskets support attractive goods presentation in displays and shelf systems. They have become a fixed part of shop construction today. In the area of interior design, wire baskets are mainly used in connection with extension systems. Insertion baskets of wire are often used in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in bedrooms or the living area. The benefits are quite clear: Wire baskets are easy to keep clean, adjust to any furnishing and design style and help keep order in cabinets and shelves. In the office and as wire sorting systems as it is needed, e.g., in a post office, as well as in stock keeping, wire baskets do good work as well. Thanks to their light weight and stability, they also fully convince as mobile transport baskets.

eutenberg Drahttechnik offers either individual wire baskets of different kinds or complete extension systems - everything from a single source and in any case produced in high quality and delivered "just in time".

Stone Baskets and Gabion Cages for Garden Design

Wire baskets are used in the area of gardening and landscaping as well. As so-called gabion cages, they are filled with stones or gravel to form walls and effective sound protection walls, reinforce dams and dykes and effectively support slopes. The stone-filled wire baskets are not only beautiful to look at but can also be used flexibly and moved from place to place easily. They sustainably warrant safety and offer diverse design options.

Deutenberg Wire Baskets

Our production halls are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and production systems at the current technical level. Deutenberg customers can therefore rely on wire baskets being produced at the same high quality and with the same high precision as any other wire article. Serial products or individual productions - our competent employees will support you in generation of individual wire basket solutions with their comprehensive specialist know-how.