Welding Grids: high-quality, stable and diverse uses

Welding grids and industrial grids in high quality, flexible or stiff, in different meshes, produced of blank or zinc-plated wire or aluminium zinc or stainless steel wire - our product range offers spot-welding grids and industrial grids for every imaginable use. Welding grids from Deutenberg are used, among others, in machine and device construction, as well as in storage, operating and transport technology. The high quality of our welding grids, their stability and resilience have convinced our customers from industry and commerce for many decades.

High-Quality Spot-Welding Grids in Different Designs

Depending on the area of use and according to our customers' individual wishes, our wire grids are produced using different materials and finishing procedures. This is based either on a blank wire or a zinc-plated or aluminium-zinc-plated version. Use of stainless steel wire is a particularly high-quality and corrosion-resilient alternative. The smooth wires are placed on top of each other at right angles and permanently connected to each other by precise spot welding where they cross. Thanks to this sequence of many fixed nodes, spot-welding grids have an enormous stability and extraordinary resilience. The regular sequence of nodes leads to an even distribution of acting forces and ensures the typical internal resilience of the welding grid. Depending on which wire thickness has been used and the mesh, this permits production of wire grids in different sizes and almost any desired design.

Depending on the planned area of use, we refine the welding grids and industrial grids according to the individual preferences and specifications of our customers. The grids can be refined using different procedures, e.g. refinement by hot-dip galvanisation or galvanisation, application of a powder coating or chrome-plating. There is no obstacle to long-term precisely adjusted use of your Deutenberg welding grid.

Spot-Welding Grids, Welding Grids and Industrial Grids by Deutenberg

High quality, reliability and service - Deutenberg customers can rely on this at all times. All welding grids and industrial grids are efficiently and economically efficiently produced by us on state-of-the-art machines - in series or as special productions for special requirements. Due to our decades of experience in all areas of wire technology and thanks to the comprehensive know-how of our employees, you can also rest assured that you are in good hands at Deutenberg, where you will always find competent advice.