Stainless Steel Grids: High-quality and corrosion-resistant

Stainless steel grids and spot-welding grids of stainless steel made by Deutenberg Drahttechnik are characterised by their special stability and longevity – even under the most difficult of conditions. The particularly high-quality stainless steel grids are acid- and corrosion-resistant and thus perfectly suitable for diverse areas of application.

They are used in architecture as well as in various industrial sections, e.g. for covering openings in the floor, as stairs, bridges or platforms. In the industrial area, stainless steel grids are used particularly often since they are insensitive to hot steam and aggressive media. Our range includes wire grids of stainless steel with a wire thickness of 1.6 mm to 10.0 mm in diameter and different mesh.

Spot-Welding Grid of Stainless Steel

We produce stainless steel grids and stainless steel lattice grids as well as wire grids of other materials economically efficiently and cost-efficiently in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Smooth stainless steel wires are connected at right angles by spot-welding at the crossing points. The welding points are permanently stable and give the wire grid an enormous strength. Depending on the planned area of use, additional etching and passivizing or electropolishing of the stainless steel grid are good options.

Quality and service in Stainless Steel Grid Matters

If you have Deutenberg produce for you, you can be certain that the finished products will be of high quality and delivered in time and reliably. We produce all of our stainless steel grids for you economically efficiently on state-of-the-art production systems - in serial production or as special constructions for special requirements. All machines are at the latest state of the art. This permits clean and precise processing of short-term orders as well. Service and reliability are always at the focus at Deutenberg. Thanks to our long experience in the area of wire technology and the wide-spread technical knowledge of our employees, you can also be certain of comprehensive and competent advice on each of your requests.

Stainless Steel Grids - Production in series or as special solution

Whether you want to have your desired product produced in series or whether you need a completely special solution for your stainless steel grid - with our knowledge and experience, we will support and aid you competently in any request you may have. We flexibly produce stainless steel grids for you in all imaginable designs, entirely to your specifications and requirements. Of course, you can also rely on our service and reliable delivery "just in time" regarding development of grid special solutions as well.