Noise protection walls and noise barriers made from gabions

The Problem: Noise

The noise level around us influences our physical and mental well-being. A permanently raised noise level often causes a variety of medical conditions. Strong, sustained noise may impair the cardio-vascular system and lead to irritability, sleep disorders or problems focusing. In the worst case, noise damages the hearing and will lead to hearing impairment or even deafness.

The Solution: Gabion Cages as Sound Protection Wall

Sound protection walls of gabion cages are a suitable means to prevent noise and to protect man and animals from unpleasant sound waves. Gabion cages are wire cages filled with stones or gravel. They are perfect for setting up effective sight protection walls or sound protection walls. Reference values for the approved sound level can be met and often even undercut with a reasonable effort in this manner.

The stone baskets are very stable, as well as highly flexible. They can be moved easily. Therefore, gabion cages are a good alternative to fixed concrete or stone walls.

Flexible Sound Protection for Many Applications

Sound protection walls offer effective protection from traffic noise, e.g. at motorways and railway routes, bypasses and industrial premises. Stone and gravel baskets are used in the private area as well. They keep out the noise of traffic, dampen the neighbours' talking or reduce the sound of running lawn mowers and leaf blowers in the area. This will finally turn your garden into the resting zone and wellness oasis that you desire! For the sound protection wall to harmoniously integrate into the present landscape, you can plant the stone cages and design them as you like.

As you see: A sound protection wall set up in gabion technology offers many benefits as compared to many conventional sound protection walls.

Overview of the Benefits of a Gabion Cage Sound Protection Wall

  • It is very effective due to its open construction; gravel and stone "swallow up" the sound waves for best sound protection.
  • Sound protection walls of gabion cages can be planted and customised.
  • Made of zinc-plated steel, they are highly robust and long-lived.
  • This is an ecologically impeccable solution.
  • The gabion cage walls can be relocated on demand and thus can be used highly flexibly.