DEBION® VARIO Spiral Gabion - Gabion Grids with Edge Wire

Deutenberg gabion technology produces spiral gabions in wire thicknesses of 3.0 mm to 6.0 mm, with aluminium zinc-plated wire or stainless steel grid in all qualities, in state-of-the-art production facilities and in perfect quality. Spiral gabion cages permit on-site adjustment by the customer and are usually delivered disassembled. As stone baskets and wire gravel baskets, our spiral gabion cages warrant sustainable safety and diverse designs.

The high-quality spiral gabions by Deutenberg offer resilient grid baskets that reliably offer opportunities for many different applications. Our gabion cages combine their high resilience, stability and flexibility with functional aesthetics.

Effectively and efficiently, the stone baskets are used, among others, in the construction of sound protection walls, construction of dry walls and in landscaping. The Deutenberg gabion cages also sustainably provide high stability and permanent safety for the production of banks and as reinforcement of dykes and dams. The stone baskets can easily be moved in any direction due to the gabion grids with edge wire. The edge wires make the gabion cages particularly resilient, ensuring that the wire gravel baskets stand safely even in case of continuous strain on soils close to bodies of water.

Our spiral gabion cages, also referred to as gabion grids with edge wire, are designed according to your individual requirements, economically efficient and in an outstanding quality.

Thanks to our comprehensive input material storage, we can react to our customers' wishes quickly and on short notice to ensure that you will receive your stone baskets precisely when you need them. From perfect consulting and support to "just in time" delivery, we offer high-quality spiral gabions, also as a special production.