DEBION® ATROX Push-Rod Gabion Cages - Gabion Grids with Eyelet

Push-rod gabion cages by Deutenberg Gabionentechnik are delivered in wire thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm and, depending on the customer's wish, of aluminium zinc wire or stainless steel grid, or hot-dip galvanised. Push-rod gabion cages have an even surface due to their connection to a push rod that is guided through the welded eyelets. Push-rod gabion cages are usually filled on site, just like spiral gabion cages.

The diverse gabion cages are renowned for their design options and combine elasticity, aesthetics and secure stability. The wire gravel baskets are characterised by their high resilience and corrosion resistance. Environmentally compatible, cost-efficient and aesthetic, the gabion grids with eyelets can be used in many different areas - as stone baskets in gala construction or for sound protection walls, as well as in dry masonry.

The flexibility at concurrent strength of the gabion cages with welded eyelets and plugging closing system permits simple installation and provides resilient safety even on soils near bodies of water. Wire grid bottoms provide permanent stability as a water-permeable reinforcement. We provide your gabion cages as special productions and in special dimensions as well on short notice. Push-rod gabion cages by Deutenberg warrant safe resilience at high demands.