Gabion Cages – Stone Baskets in Special Production

Deutenberg gabion technology offers best quality, whether in series or as a special production. Deutenberg developments include gabion cages as reinforced earth, diamond grid, gabion cages with a diagonal or as a special production to the customer's wish. All of these are long-lived stone baskets and wire gravel baskets for safe and beautifully shaped reinforcement. They are also high-quality solutions, e.g. as stone baskets for house walls, dry wall constructions and sound protection walls.

Stone Baskets According to DIN EN ISO 9227

With our gabion cages in standard and special production, we can cover almost any design of sound protection walls, walls or bank reinforcements. According to your wishes and requirements, we produce the stone baskets with wire thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 7.0 mm. For best resilience and safety of the gabion cages, we produce the stone baskets of stainless steel wire or aluminium zinc-plated wire with a corrosion resilience according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

With our state-of-the-art production facilities, we offer an economically efficient production and support you from the first consulting meeting to reliable completion and delivery of your stone baskets "just in time".

Gabion Cages for Reinforced Soil

Gabion cages are used in diverse ways today: As supporting walls or wall covers, as subconstructions for seats or simply as design elements in gardening. Among others, gabion cages are also used as reinforced soil, using them as "supporting structures" that are held by reinforcement bands lowered into the ground.

Short Production and Delivery Times

For short-term production, we warrant fast implementation of the desired gabion cages by our comprehensive input material storage; of course, we also offer them as special productions for special applications, such as reinforced earth. We provide stone baskets as the best wire solutions for your individual demands within our comprehensive performance range for gabion cages.